We want to wish everyone a happy new year! After the holidays we begin the new year with a fresh start. Together we will explore all the beautiful things that winter has to brings us.
The last month of the year is coming up. This month is full of holidays and activities and for this reason we are ending the month with a ‘sparkle’. During this theme,
It's that time of year again, Sinterklaas is back in the country! The upcoming months are very festive and busy. There is so much attention paid to Sinterklaas and this can cause quite
Thema magie Langzaam aan worden de dagen korter, het wordt sneller donker en het wordt kouder. Er gaan steeds meer lampjes en kaarsjes aan. Het is een magische tijd. Magie...
October is all about the theme of 'colors'. Autumn has begun, which means the leaves are falling from the trees and nature is changing colors. Leaves go
September will be a musical month, this month is all about music! Activities that encourage musical expression take the focus. Music is not only very beautiful, but it carries...
At Devi Kids, the health of the child is our focus. We want to ensure that the child receives the best resources and tools to grow up healthy.
Today starts the month of August! This month is all about 'tasty food'. At Devi Kids, we have a different theme each month.
We are going to dance through February, because the whole month is dedicated to 'dancing'. Dancing stimulates creative thinking and free movement which the children use their whole bodies...
Children of different ages have different nutritional needs. We make sure that each age group has food that is fun, tasty and healthy. We value the opinions of children and parents.