Theme magic

The days are slowly getting shorter, it is getting dark faster and it is getting colder. More and more lights and candles are being lit. It is a magical time.


The last months of the year are always filled with magical atmosphere. This is why this month is dedicated to the theme of magic. We will do all kinds of activities related to this theme. For example, we will do magic with autumn colours and sand & make glitter bottles, this will be very magical to watch.

Busy period

This month Sinterklaas is coming to our country! Last month we celebrated Halloween and now Sinterklaas is already on the way. This is not only a very busy period for children, but also for parents. This is the reason why we try to give the children some rest so that they can have a sense of calmness going into the festive months. By doing restful activities we limit the stimuli and ensure that a child can calm down.


Winter time has started, which means the clock has gone back one hour. This means that it is lighter earlier in the morning and it is darker earlier in the evenings. This is quite a transition for children. If your child normally wakes up at 7, this will now be 6. The biological clock no longer matches the current clock time. It may take several days for the children’s biological clock to reconnect to the current clock time. The following tips can help your child get used to this.

-Make sure to turn on a light as soon as they wake up. Light is important when waking up.

-Ensure that your child has a quiet, restful evening, a good night's sleep is important.

Make sure to move about in the morning, this will help the biological clock adjust faster to the time difference. Fresh air, movement and daylight are excellent for this.

Calmness at the home

If you also want to bring a sense calmness to your home and reduce the number of stimuli, it can be helpful not to schedule too much this month. Quiet activities based on one-on-one time with the family are ideal for this. Go for a nice walk through the woods or in the park; being in nature provides relaxation. You can also do fun things together at home. On our Instagram we regularly share easy activities that you can also do at home. Make sure you don't make too many plans yourself. A child can sense when you are stressed and react to this. The child may take on the stress and become very active, or more reserved. 

We are entering the last months of the year. This is why it is also important to enjoy the holiday months and time with each other. We wish you a magical month! 


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