Theme Travel

The summer vacation has begun, we can't wait to embark on an adventure! August is all about the theme of travel, where we explore the world around us together with the children. Traveling is a wonderful experience for kids, as it allows them to discover new cultures, languages, and environments. It sparks their curiosity and stimulates their imagination and creativity.


This month we will embark on a discovery journey, using our imagination and creativity. We'll create a magical tent where we can camp and experience exciting adventures. We will even make a balloon to travel to distant and imaginative destinations. With homemade binoculars, we look at the beautiful landscape around us.


We leren samen steeds meer nieuwe woorden in het Nederlands en het Engels. Van het zwembad tot de zon en het strand. Bij Devi Ruitersbosch, onze tweetalige locatie, zijn er kinderen van verschillende achtergronden en culturen. Dit is een mooie mogelijkheid om te leren over elkaars taal en cultuur.

It's a journey full of discoveries, where children learn from each other and gain a broader view of the world. We wish everyone a fantastic vacation!


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