Unique elements baby group

With much love and expertise, we take care of the little ones at Devi Kids. The teachers work on fixed days as much as possible so that we can offer a familiar and safe environment to the babies in our groups.

Baby group

To get acquainted in a pleasant way, we contact the parents about 6 weeks before the starting date to plan an intake interview and a settling-in period. A day in a baby group looks different from a day in a toddler or preschool group. The feeding, caring and sleeping moments are geared as much as possible to how things are at home and therefore largely determine the rhythm and structure of the day in a baby group.

Op de babygroep is je kindje in het begin helemaal afhankelijk van de pedagogisch medewerkers. Onze visie op kinderopvang is dat alles ervoor moet zorgen dat jouw baby die aandacht krijgt die hij of zij op dat moment nodig heeft. De liefdevolle en warme houding van onze medewerkers is daarbij belangrijk, maar ook de inrichting van onze ruimtes en het spelmateriaal.  

Peace & regularity

In fostering the healthy growth of babies, rest and regularity are very important. In our baby groups, this is the basis! Each child is unique and there is no such thing as a perfect schedule. We therefore try to keep to the schedule at home as much as possible in consultation with the parent(s). In the groups, we use soothing elements, relaxing music and permanent staff for an optimal environment.

Unique elements baby group

Listening to needs

Besides the set structure, we also listen to the individual needs of each child. We follow your baby's sleep rhythm, which is not only good for the baby's well-being, but also ensures a calm atmosphere in the group. As a result, not all children are always present in the group at the same time. This allows the pedagogical staff to distribute their attention well. As the children get older, they are awake more and more. We then take them into the world of natural growth and development.

Play & rest

In our baby groups, we offer both quiet corners and play areas for the children. Each group is equipped with a playpen where the little ones can play, a cot in which they can sleep when they are not yet used to a bed, and a comfortable hammock in which babies can relax. In addition to rest areas, all our baby groups are also equipped with challenging play elements that allow them to explore and learn endlessly!


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