Theme Outdoor Living

Summer has begun! In the month of July, "Outdoor Living" takes center stage. With the beautiful weather, it's delightful to organise as many outdoor activities as possible and enjoy the fresh air. The activities and meal times will therefore mostly take place outdoors. There will be plenty of water play to cool off, so we recommend that your child brings swimwear with them to Devi Kids.

Outdoor living is not only fun, but also educational. We go on a journey of discovery in the nature, learning about plants, trees and the little creatures we encounter outdoors. 

Mud Day

This month, we will celebrate Mud Day. Mud play with water and sand is the main focus on this day. We let the children make their own mud and experience how it feels. What happens when you mix water with sand or vice versa? The children have the opportunity to create, explore and fully experience mud.

Outdoor Living

Additionally, we celebrate Mud Day this month. During Mud Day, it's all about free play with water and sand. We introduce the children to mud and give them the space to make their own mud and discover how it feels. Mixing sand and water stimulates their creativity and provides lots of fun. They can fully indulge in muddy activities.


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