Sleeping at daycare

At Devi Kids, we believe that love, happiness and good health enable children to develop into who they are. Getting enough sleep is also important for your child's health and development. We would like to explain to you how we ensure that children sleep well and safely at our daycare. For a nice and familiar foundation.

Sleep time 

Our basic principle for sleeping at childcare is that we look at your child's needs. Especially in the beginning, this is important. At Devi Kids, we have a team of wonderful people. By paying close attention to certain tiredness signals, we make sure your baby gets enough rest. The slightly older babies (6 months and up) sleep twice a day at a day at Devi Kids. Is your child a little older? Then we keep regular sleep times. Often older children sleep once a day or stay awake. Toddlers and preschoolers sleep at our daycare after a warm lunches.

Sleeping safely at the daycare

When it is time to sleep, we make sure this is done in a safe way.

The beds

Sleeping safely and securely at the daycare begins with a place of his or her own. Your child therefore has its own bed at Devi Kids. In the baby group there is a box where babies can play, a crib where they can sleep when the bed is still a little too exciting and a hammock where babies can relax. Babies can also be put in the crib on the group. We often do this with babies who are still new to it all! The slightly older children lie comfortably in their own bed. This can be inside or outside. All beds at our locations meet all safety requirements. This way we can be sure that all children sleep safely at our daycare. 

In the neighborhood

Our employees regularly check on the children to make sure they are still sleeping well. In addition, there is always a baby phone near your child. When your child wakes up, we are there.


For your child to sleep safely at the daycare, temperature is also important. We provide a comfortable temperature in the bedrooms. The children bring a bag with their belongings every day. This includes a sleeping bag, which they sleep in. Sometimes they wear pajamas under the sleeping bag, sometimes not. We look at each time what is most comfortable and safe option for your child.

Will you come and take a look?

We hope this article has given you a better understanding of sleeping at the daycare. Are you curious about our locations? Feel free to come and take a look and schedule a no-obligation tour. We would love to show you the peace, nature and warmth of the different locations.



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