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Bij Devi Creative openen we de deuren naar een wereld waar creativiteit en persoonlijke ontwikkeling samen komen. We bieden verschillende activiteiten aan waarbij kinderen hun creativiteit kunnen verkennen en uitdrukken. Van het schilderen van droomlandschappen tot het bouwen van miniatuurwerelden, elke activiteit is ontworpen om de verbeelding te prikkelen en vaardigheden te ontwikkelen.  

Nature meets art 

Our activities are deeply rooted in nature. Children immerse themselves in the world of colours and textures through activities such as leaf printing, sand painting and by creating art with natural materials. 

At Devi Creative, we provide an environment where creativity and nature coalesce, allowing children to engage with the world around them in a playful and educational manner. 

Monthly themes 

At Devi Creative, we have monthly themes that focus on different aspects of the world around us, tailored to the seasons. During these themes, various elements are explored, such as the changes and peculiarities of the seasons. For example, in winter, they learn about snow and the cold, in autumn, they discover how leaves fall from trees and nature transforms, and in spring, they become aware of the birth of animals. This approach not only enhances their understanding of the world but also nurtures their curiosity and creativity, which are crucial for their personal growth and development. 

Expression and personal development 

Every child is unique, and at Devi Creative, we encourage this uniqueness. Creative activities serve as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth.  

Open-ended Toys  

We also incorporate open-ended toys. Open-ended toys have no fixed purpose or function; children are free to decide how to play with these 'open-ended' toys. Examples of open-ended toys include natural elements like sand and branches or everyday objects like jars, ribbons, and buttons. This type of play stands in contrast to structured toys like puzzles, where there is only one correct solution. Instead, open-ended toys provide children with the chance to experiment endlessly and develop their own unique forms of play. 


Collaboration is a core value at Devi Creative, and we place great importance on it. We regularly organise group activities to promote teamwork and social skills while stimulating the creativity of the children. 

During these activities, children learn to collaborate, share ideas and listen to each other. They experience what it's like to be part of a team and contribute to a common goal. This not only enhances their communication skills and empathy but also boosts their self-confidence and sense of involvement. 

Devi Creative is more than a place for creativity; it is a space where children can grow, learn and be themselves. Our goal is to offer a new adventure in creativity every day, giving each child the opportunity to discover their unique talents and passions. 

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