A day with the toddlers

When your child turns one year old, they are officially no longer a baby, but a toddler!

Toddler group

A toddler's world is open and fearless. Enjoying and discovering everything life has to offer. Our main focus in play is on the process of discovery and experience; we do not put the outcome at the centre. We build on what the child is ready for in its development. We give it space and provide opportunities and help it to progress just a little further.

Toddlers have their own group with us, which allows our pedagogical staff to really respond to what they need. How do we do this? By listening carefully to them, but also by tailoring our equipment and play materials to their needs. 

Child height

We play and live at the children's height! Low furniture opens up a completely new world of experience. We eat and play at low tables, while sitting on cushions. The toy cupboards are placed at eye level, allowing children to grab the toys and play materials themselves. This encourages their independence and promotes their own initiative.

Toddler group


Within our toddler group, we offer activities specific to the children's age. We explore the possibilities of this world together. Climbing, doing puzzles, building towers and much more. The most important thing is that the children enjoy the activities!

Games and play equipment

At all our locations, we use the same game and play materials in the toddler groups. We attach great importance to toddlers' motor development, as they have a strong need to explore and climb and clamber. That is why we have tailored our materials to this.

Listening to needs

The dynamics in a toddler group vary from day to day. To meet all needs, it is essential that we as adults adapt accordingly. This is why we sometimes offer our activities in two parts, with one group quietly reading a book while the other does an activity in between. In this way, we try to accommodate toddlers' different needs and interests.


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