Theme of Dance

We are going into February dancing! We are going to discover different ways of how we can dance. Every week we will go on an adventure.

Moving discovery

During this theme we will discover our bodies. We discover how we can move them and how our bodies can make us feel. We get to know our body parts, learn what the body looks like and how it works. Dancing encourages creative thinking and free movement where the children have to use their whole body. Children have huge imaginations and fantasies that go well with dancing. In addition to all of that, the children can let go of their emotions and feelings for a while.


Music is very good for children. We wrote a blog about this before. We listen to the rhythm of the music. What do I hear? What do I feel? Is the rhythm slow or fast? We are going to discover all of this. Not only will we listen to music, but we will make music ourselves. We will play instruments and dance to the beat of the music.


February is shorter than the other months, but not less fun. This is because in February it is Carnaval. During Carnaval, everyone can dress up as beautiful, crazy, fun or as special as they want. This is what the children will do during the week of Carnaval. We will do fun activities based on the theme of Carnaval to get in the mood.

Valentine's Day

February the 14th is Valentine's Day! This is a day when we pay extra attention to the people that we care about. This day we will do Valentine's activities, such as Valentine's yoga. The month of February will be a dance party!  

The month of February will be a dance party!


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