Theme Traffic

It's September, and we have an exciting theme this month: traffic!

Learning young about traffic (JONGleren) Course

In May, some teachers participated in the ‘Learning young about traffic (JONGleren)’ course. It's a program to promote the traffic safety of our little ones. Children are already part of traffic from a young age and can become aware of traffic safety early on. Traffic education forms the foundation for safe and responsible behaviour in traffic. To implement this program in practice, all locations are given a box with tools and fun materials in it.

Day of the teacher

On September 21st, it's time to celebrate and appreciate our amazing teachers. They deserve all the praise and love for their hard work. It will be a day full of celebration and gratitude!

Staff Outing

Our annual staff outing is also planned for this month. During this day, all staff come together to do fun activities together. This is a great opportunity to get to know new colleagues and to see colleagues from other locations. We are looking forward to it.


This month, we have some exciting outings planned. Each group and location has something different on the agenda. We'll visit the library to enjoy fun books, head to the petting zoo to cuddle with animals and have a blast at the water playground.

Let's make September a fantastic month!


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