"Every day is full of fun! Together with the team, we create a 'home' in a warm and safe environment."

Stephanie, Manager BSO

Devi Creative

At Outside-School-Club Devi Kids Creative, we provide an inspiring environment where children can express their creativity, be themselves, and enjoy various activities. At Devi Creative, everything revolves around creativity, exploration, and relaxation. Both indoors and outdoors, we have challenging spaces designed for different age groups. The Devi Creative program is internally developed to ensure that children have the most fun, can relax, and are challenged within their own unique selves. Our employees take the children on an adventure in our enchanting world full of magic!

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International School Breda
Mozartlaan 35
4837 EH Breda



Outside School Club 4 to 12 years
LRK: 125551010


Devi Kids Creative is located within the International School Breda. We have two beautiful spaces and an outdoor playground. Additionally, we often go on trips to gather even more inspiration. Here, we provide a wide range of activities that cater to the children's interests and needs. We create a cozy and stimulating environment where they can relax, play, and learn. Our experienced staff offers loving guidance and ensures that the children feel at home.

Connected with Nature

Our focus is on connecting with nature, allowing children to enjoy and learn about the natural world around them in a wonderful way. We provide activities that help them develop a deeper appreciation for nature, understand the importance of biodiversity and environmental conservation, all while having fun outdoors.

For All Ages!

Our Outside-School-Club in Breda is suitable for children of all ages! We offer a safe and stimulating environment where all children can find challenges after school and relax, play, and have fun during holidays. Our activities and programs are tailored to different age groups so that we can meet the needs and interests of each child. 

We provide a diverse range of activities, including games, creative projects, sports activities, outdoor play, and much more.


We pick up children from the following primary schools:

  • International School Breda
  • Kbs Petrus & Paulus
  • Montessori Breda
  • Nutsbasisschool Dirk van Veen
  • K.B.S. Laurentius
  • NBS Boeimeer

If your child's school is not listed, please contact us. We can explore the possibilities together.

OSC Devi

If you have any questions about Oyutside-School-Club Devi Outdoor, please feel free to contact contact us. Take a look at our other location as well: Devi Outdoor.