Theme Animal World

It's May already! In this month many animals are born. Therefore, May is dedicated to the theme Animal World. We are talking about all kinds of animals. For example, we talk about pets, farm animals, wild animals and stuffed animals.

Talking about animals

We talk about all kinds of animals. Which animals do you know and what is your favorite? What sounds do they make, can you recognize and imitate the sound? In addition, we learn words about animals and sing fun songs.

Stuffed animal

All children may also bring their favorite stuffed animal to Devi Kids for a day. Mooing cows, clucking chickens, grunting pigs and barking dogs. From all the stuffed animals we will make a farm together!

Children's farm

With the toddlers and preschoolers we are going to the children's farm this month! The petting farm is a place where the children playfully learn about different animals and their habitats. They get to pet animals and can play in the playground.

Vegetable Garden

Last month we pre-sowed seeds. When these are big enough we can plant them into our vegetable gardens! From here they can grow into full-fledged plants. After which we can harvest and taste them.

Holidays & vacation

The first week of May is the May vacation. In addition, there are 2 holidays this month. Namely Ascension and Pentecost. During these 2 holidays Devi Kids is closed.


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