Why we eat organic

At Devi Kids, the health of the child is our focus. We want to ensure that the child receive the best resources and tools to grow up healthy. Nature is also an important part of Devi Kids. This is why we choose to offer the children organic meals.

Benefits of eating organic

Eating organically is not only good for ourselves, but also for nature.

-Organic products are grown without the use of artificial aids.
-Farmers and growers allow nature to take its course as much as possible, with as little human intervention as possible.
-Organic is not only better for us as humans but also for nature. Due to the fact that there are no chemical pesticides and fertilizers are used in the growing process, there is less pressure on nature and a healthy, fertile soil is preserved because it is not polluted.

Vegetable Garden

We think it is important that children learn where food comes from. To teach this in a fun and playful way, each location has a vegetable garden. The children plant seeds and water it regularly. After a while they can harvest the vegetables and together with the chefs in the kitchen, they make a tasty dish. For example, a fresh salad made from home-picked cherry tomatoes. We have noticed that since the children have been involved with the food, they have no trouble eating fruit and vegetables.

Eating times

Organic products are integrated into the daily meal times. First of all, in the morning we eat a bowl of different fruits. In the afternoon we eat a warm vegetarian lunch. After the children have had an afternoon nap, they get oatmeal with fruit. They end the day with a bowl of raw vegetables.

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