Cognitive & creative development

One of the developmental areas is cognitive and creative development. Cognitive development refers to how children think, learn, and solve problems. Creative development is about nurturing their imagination and developing creative skills, such as drawing, storytelling, and coming up with ideas.

From within

At Devi Kids, we teach children to stay true to themselves by enjoying the process. Through yoga, meditation, natural materials and activities, we make them aware of who they are, what they feel, and how to take care of themselves. Together, we will explore the wonders of the inner world with both feet on the ground.   

Cognitive development

From birth, every child is curious to explore and understand the world around them. Cognitive development therefore begins right from birth and is interconnected with other developmental areas. Interaction with others allows the child to expand their world both literally and figuratively. The senses of hearing, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and the child's social environment play significant roles in cognitive development. At Devi Kids, we also emphasise the importance of following the child's rhythm, allowing the child to approach us rather than the other way around.   

Creative development

Creative development is a part of cognitive development. It involves the ability to fantasize, dream, and create and discover new things. Creativity is not limited to crafts, drawing, and painting; it also includes playing, dancing, singing, writing and making music. Children not only have a fresh perspective on the world but are also bursting with imagination and creativity. They are full of wonder.

At Devi Kids, we believe in nurturing and preserving this creative enthusiasm in children. Practicing kids' yoga contributes to this goal, as yoga brings calmness to the mind and has a positive impact on the brain. This creates space for ideas and allows creativity to flow freely. It is important to provide children with the freedom to explore and create.


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