Why outdoor play is beneficial for children

At Devi Kids, we work with nature. Being outdoors is a crucial part of our vision, and it is central to our locations.  

Development & Immune System 

Outdoor play is an essential aspect of your child's health and physical development. Out in the open, they can move, run, jump, and climb, contributing to physical development. Activities in nature not only stimulate the development of motor skills but also strengthen the immune system. Being outdoors exposes children to different environments and natural elements, which boosts their immune system and helps build a robust resistance. 

At our childcare locations in Breda, we also offer outdoor beds . Allowing children to sleep in outdoor beds results in deeper sleep and better air quality.  

Fostering Creativity 

Outdoor play goes beyond just physical activity; it's a journey of imagination and creativity. In nature, even a simple tree has no fixed definition. It can be a house, a secret hideout, or a ship. Nature is a wonderful playground for children. At our Outside School Club Creative , we encourage this creativity. Every moment is an opportunity to explore, dream, and create!  

Reducing Stress 

Being outdoors has a magical effect on your child. Exploring the outside world and playing in nature works wonders in reducing stress. When children are outside, they momentarily escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and fully enjoy the peace and nature around them. It's truly a way for your child to feel better and be more balanced.  

Enhanced Learning Fun 

At Devi Kids, we have our own vegetable garden, making learning come to life. Here, children have the opportunity to plant seeds, harvest vegetables, and prepare their own meals. These experiences ignite curiosity and joy. 

Independence and Confidence 

Outdoor play gives children the chance to make their own decisions and be independent. They encounter new challenges, devise solutions on their own, and discover new adventures. These moments contribute significantly to their self-confidence and independence. 

Are you curious about one of our Outside School Club locations? Feel free to visit one of our locations.  


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