Theme Happy

The month of March is dedicated to the theme happy. After the cold winter and rain, sunshine is on its way again. It stays light longer and it gets warmer, spring is in the air. So much beauty to discover! The world is in bloom, from the leaves on the trees, the flowers and grass to the animals waking up from their winter sleep.


The sun is very important to us, because when the sun starts shining, you can see that everyone is smiling and happy. The sun has all kinds of benefits. It has a positive effect on our immune system, it is good for the growth of our bones and it makes us happy. Being outside is very important to us, which is why we have several outdoor playtimes every day. Now that the sun is shining more often, it is getting warmer. This means we can slowly start eating outside again! We are very much looking forward to this.


The days are getting longer and the temperatures are getting warmer. Plants start to grow and bloom, nature slowly starts to get more colourful. You can hear the birds singing when you are outside. Animals are born, such as lambs, chicks and calves. It is springtime! This month is full of things that make us happy.


Meals also change with the season. As temperatures heat up, our bodies need more cooling foods. This keeps us in balance. Our chefs create beautiful seasonal dishes. They will work with more green and fresh vegetables. Think leeks, peas, cauliflower and courgettes.  


We will do cheerful activities. What colours do you like and which make you happy? We will incorporate these colours in beautiful rainbows. As spring starts this month, we will make pretty flowers. We will also sing songs that make us happy.

This month is full of colours, being outside and enjoying the start of spring, in other words, everything that makes us happy!


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