A day with the pre-schoolers

A day with the pre-schoolers

Toddlers grow into independent, social and resilient preschoolers. It is vital to encourage and guide them in their endless possibilities.

Socially and emotionally, preschoolers make tremendous progress. They acquire new motor skills, become potty-trained and their language development is lightning fast. Gradually, the realisation that preschoolers are individuals grows and they begin to develop their own identity. A preschooler's world expands more and more. If they do not understand something, they supplement it with their own imagination.

We focus on the natural progression of the child's development and create a smooth transition to primary school. We guide preschoolers in learning and understanding the world around them and emphasise their own value in it.

Encouraging self-reliance

From the moment children enter the preschool group, we take them one step further in developing self-reliance. This includes skills such as putting on coats and shoes themselves, and going to the toilet themselves during toilet training.

Encouraging and fostering self-confidence is essential here. We give the children confidence that they can do it themselves, but if something doesn't work out for a while, we are there to help!

Listening to needs
Besides free play, we also offer targeted activities, taking into account the children's needs and the dynamics of the day. During busy periods and months, for example, we will offer quiet activities earlier to accommodate the situation. Each child develops in his/her own (way). We respond to this by seeing each child as he/she is!

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Responding to the world of experience

At our preschool groups, we attach great importance to responding to the children's world of experience, with their vivid imagination playing an important role. We aim to broaden their fantasy world through appropriate guidance and activities around different themes.

There is so much to explore and the possibilities are endless!


Preschool children are naturally imaginative and curious. They are often in the "why" phase, in which they want to know everything and are curious about how the world works. At the preschool group, we respond to this by going deeper into different themes, seasons and events. This happens during circle time, activities and free play.


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