Sinterklaas Yoga

It's that time of year again, Sinterklaas is back in the country! The upcoming months are very festive and busy. There is so much attention paid to Sinterklaas and this can cause quite some excitement for the children. Due to this, children can be more active than usual. Therefore it is nice to regularly create relaxing moments.

Relaxation moment using the tickle feathers

It is nice to create regular relaxation moments. For example, you can use special tickle feathers to tickle the children's faces, arms, legs and feet. The children can do it by themselves and also to each other. How nice!

yoga activiteit

Sinterklaas massage

"Sinterklaas brings presents".

To prepare your child for the massage, place your hands on the child’s shoulders. Check that you are also relaxed yourself by checking that your shoulders are not tense, your jaws are not clenched together and that your breath is low in your belly. You can then begin with the Sinterklaas story massage.

  • Sinterklaas rides on his horse to your house clip clop, clip clop (use your fingers to tap all over the child’s back)
  • The moon is high in the sky (hold the child’s shoulder with one hand and draw a big circle across the back with the other hand. Be careful not to put any pressure on the spine)
  • The wind blows through the trees (use your flat palm to draw a semicircle from the spine to the side of the back)
  • Sinterklaas stops in front of your house and pets his horse for a moment (place one of your hands on each of the child’s shoulders and stroke the back several times with a flat palm to just above the bottom)
  • He quickly urges his horse ‘Oh so fast’ to go up onto the roof (use your flat palm to rub from the spine diagonally to the side. Start at the shoulders and continue to just above the bottom)
  • Sinterklaas slides your presents down your chimney (place a hand on each shoulder and stroke the back with a flat palm several times until just above the bottom)
  • Sinterklaas quickly jumps off the roof with his horse ‘Oh so fast’ and rides onto the next house (gently drop your hands onto the shoulders and then use all fingers and tap all over the back)
  • And then they disappears into the night (place a hand on each shoulder and stroke with a flat palm several times over the back to just above the bottom).

Finish the massage as you started by placing both of your hands onto the child’s shoulders.

By repeating this type of relaxation moment regularly, a child will find it easier to handle busy situations. It also helps make all festive activities more peaceful.


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