Tasty food

At Devi Kids, we have a different theme every month. The children learn about the theme and engage in related activities. For the "Tasty Food" theme, we test our taste buds by tasting and feeling different foods. What is the texture and taste like? We also discover that there are many more things we can do with food. We create fruity artworks, play games, and explore delicious recipes.

Taste buds

We're going to test our taste buds! By having the children taste and feel different things, we discover the various flavors: sweet, sour, salty, or bitter. Children have more taste buds than adults, which allows them to experience flavors more intensely. As children grow older, their taste buds decrease, and you'll notice that they become more open to trying new foods because the flavors are less intense.


In addition to smelling, tasting, and feeling, there are many other things we can do with food. The children will create fruity artworks, explore tasty and healthy recipes, and learn about vegetables and fruits. We will also play games related to food. During a memory game, we learn to remember and match pairs together. We will also practice sorting colors. Who can correctly match the right piece of vegetable or fruit to the corresponding color?

Developmental Aspects

These activities contribute to various developmental aspects, and they are adjusted for each age group. This way, both babies, toddlers, and preschoolers are challenged and engaged. We are going to make it a delicious month!


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