Tasty food

Today begins the month of August! This month is all about 'tasty food'. At Devi Kids, we have a different theme each month. The children learn about the theme and do activities related to it.

Taste buds

We are going to test the taste buds! By letting the children taste and feel different things, they will discover the different tastes: is it sweet, sour, salty or bitter? Children have much more taste buds than adults. Due to this, children taste flavours much more strongly. As children get older their taste buds decrease and you will notice that they start to like more and more, this is because the taste becomes less intense.


Besides smelling, tasting and feeling, you can do a lot more with food. The children will make fruity artworks, discover delicious healthy recipes and learn about fruits and vegetables. They will also do games that are related to food. During our tasty food'' memory game, he children will learn to memorise and put pairs together. They will also learn to sort colours. Who can match the right fruit or vegetable to the right colour?

Developmental points

The activities contribute to different developmental areas. These activities are adapted per group. In this way, babies, toddlers and preschoolers are all challenged. We are going to make it a tasty month!


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