Encouraging independence

Independence is one of the most important qualities we can instill in children; it provides them with a sense of self-confidence and self-worth. Children naturally want to develop themselves. By offering children learning experiences, providing them with space and trust, they will seize the opportunity to explore and learn. Think of dressing and undressing, tidying up, making choices, or helping each other. Additionally, we also share responsibilities with the toddlers and give them the freedom that helps them challenge themselves and grow.

Independent eating

Starting from the toddler group, children share mealtimes such as fruit/vegetable moments and arn from each other and help each other. warm lunches.The children sit together at a table on small stools or chairs,which naturally promotes a more upright posture. They learn how to hold a spoon or fork by themselves and how to drink from a cup. The fact that children sit together at the table offers the opportunity for them to learn from each other and help each other.

Putting on clothes

We also encourage children to independently put on and take off their clothes as much as possible. Before and after napping, children change their clothes, which they are allowed to do independently whenever they can. We spend a lot of time outdoors during the day. Putting on a jacket and shoes is something we do regularly. We help children by closing zippers, buttons, and Velcro on their jackets and shoes. By repeating these tasks several times every day, they quickly learn to do them independently. Of course, we are always happy to assist them when needed.

Toilet training

Using the toilet is a crucial part of developing independence in young children. Gradually, we reduce diaper use and encourage children to use the toilet. To stimulate this, children receive a sticker on their toilet training chart.

Building self-confidence

Self-confidence is one of the key aspects of becoming independent. Children need self-confidence in order to do things on their own. At Devi Kids, we are eager to help them build self-confidence to become increasingly independent. By encouraging them and affirming their efforts when they do things independently (as much as possible), we build their self-confidence. We believe in their abilities and are ready to help and support them as they grow and take steps on their journey towards independence.


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