"Een plek in en met de natuur, waar we samen vol genieten!"

Devi Kids Outside School Club

Welcome to our outside-school-club in Breda! At Devi Kids outside-school-club, we strive to create an environment where children can enjoy nature, express their creativity, and receive loving guidance. Our goal is to provide a challenging and peaceful place after a busy school day and during vacations.

We offer two types of outside-school-club programs: Devi Kids Creative and Devi Kids Outdoor. Both variations have their own unique elements but share the same core values. We organize activities that make use of the natural environment, such as gardening, nature walks, playing in green spaces, exploring plants and animals, and using natural materials for creative expression. Additionally, we emphasize sustainability, environmental awareness, and respectful interactions with nature.

In addition to these natural activities, we also provide space for free play, self-discovery, and the development of social skills. Children are encouraged to engage in active movement, breathe in fresh air, and enjoy the natural elements, which promote their health and well-being.

In summary, we aim to inspire children to be themselves and fully enjoy the opportunities that the world presents to them!


We pick up children from the following primary schools:

  • International School Breda
  • Kbs Petrus & Paulus
  • Montessori Breda
  • Nutsbasisschool Dirk van Veen
  • NBS Boeimeer

If your child's school is not listed, please contact us, and we can explore the possibilities together.

BSO Breda bellenblaas

Outside School Club Creative

International School Breda
Mozartlaan 35
4837 EH Breda



Outside School Club 4 to 12 years
LRK: 125551010

Devi Kids kinderen met voeten boven water

BSO Outdoor

S.A.B. Breda
Ruitersboslaan 57
4837 CJ Breda



Outside School Club 4 to 12 years
LRK: 777468244

Discover outside school club

Are you curious about what our locations look like? Feel free to book a tour and we would be delighted to show them to you. See you soon at our outside-school-club locations in Breda!