"Every day is full of fun! Together with the team, we create a home after school in a warm and safe environment."

Manon, Manager OSC

Devi Outside School Club

The OSC of Devi Kids is centrally located to the various primary schools in the area such as the International School Breda, Petrus en Paulus, De Nuts and the Montessori school. The children are picked up from school and we then bring them to our outside school club which is located at the soccer club S.A.B. where they can relax and have fun after a busy school day.

Devi Explore

At Devi Explore the children can do fun and challenging activities both inside and outside. Think of a chill area where children can relax by listening to music or to an (audio) book, a corner for tests and experiments, a place for building and crafts or a space where the artists among us can make the most beautiful creations.

Our trained staff help children discover the world, life and their own interests. A variety of activities are offered throughout the afternoon. The children can choose what they like and go exploring.

BSO Explore

International School Breda
Mozartlaan 35
4837 EH Breda


Outside School Club 4 to 12 years

spelen voetbalveld

Devi Active

Devi Active is all about outside sports, play and fun. We create a safe and active environment where the children can enjoy outside sport and play activities after school. The group will be lead by a combination of teachers and certified sport instructors. Our trained staff help all our participants develop self-confidence with gentle encouragement and lots of laughter. Kids love playing sport and our multisport programmes will get them really excited! Whether your kids are hitting a six in cricket or giving it their all in a relay race, they will have a ball with their Devi Active teammates.

All our coaches are trained according to the Dutch daycare law, so you can have confidence that your children are well taken care of before picking up your little superstar!


Discover Devi OSC

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BSO Active

S.A.B. Breda
Ruitersboslaan 57
4837 CJ Breda


Outside School Club 4 to 12 years