Types of childcare

Child care is a collective term for different types of daycare. Here we describe the most common types of daycare.

Different forms

There are various types of childcare, also within Devi Kids. We offer both daycare and out-of-school care. You can read about the differences below:


Bij het kinderdagverblijf worden kinderen opgevangen in de leeftijd 0 tot 4 jaar. Er bestaan op het kinderdagverblijf  verschillende soorten groepen, namelijk horizontale- en verticale groepen. Op horizontale groepen zitten kinderen van dezelfde leeftijd. Zo heb je meerdere groepen: baby-, peuter- en dreumesgroepen. Hierin zit je kindje dus met leeftijdsgenoten in een groep. Bij verticale groepen zitten kinderen in een groep met verschillende leeftijden. Je kan zelf kiezen wat je het fijnst vindt voor je kindje en hierop een kinderdagverblijf uitkiezen. Bij Devi Kids hebben we horizontale groepen. Hierdoor geven we ieder kind de aandacht en uitdaging die het nodig heeft.

After school club

Onder de buitenschoolse opvang (BSO) vallen voor- en naschoolse opvang. De buitenschoolse opvang is voor kinderen van de leeftijd 4 tot 12 jaar. Voorschoolse opvang is opvang voordat school begint. Na de voorschoolse opvang gaan de kinderen naar school. Na school is er de mogelijkheid om naar de naschoolse opvang te gaan. Of de kinderen van school worden opgehaald door de BSO- medewerkers is afhankelijk per BSO. Onze OSC location is centrally located to several schools, such as the International School Breda, Petrus en Paulus, De Nuts and Motessori. The children are picked up from school by our staff members.

Child minder

A child minder is care provided at a child minder’s home or in your own home. Child minding is a small-scale care, because a child minder can take care of a maximum of 6 children. You cannot become a child minder overnight. The location must fulfill legal requirements. In addition, a child minder must have an appropriate diploma, just like daycare employees.

Pre-school care

Pre-school is also a specific type of child daycare. Pre-school care is for children aged 2 to 4 years old and is completely focused on this developmental age. Pre-school care can be an option for when your child does not attend daycare. It can be a good preparation for primary school. A child learns social skills, which are useful for the transition to primary school.

Requesting childcare

Once you have chosen between the different types of daycare, you can start applying. How far in advance should you request childcare? This depends on the type of care and the childcare itself. With a daycare, it is often good to arrange this as soon as possible. Preferably when you are in your first weeks of your pregnancy. This is because daycare centers fill up quickly.

Often when you visit a daycare you can tell if it suits you and your child. For this reason, feel free to ask for a tour of a childcare you may be interested in.   

Want to take a look first?

Often when you visit the daycare you feel if it suits you and your child. Therefore, it’s always good to ask for a visit. At Devi Kids you are welcome to visit our locations. Through our website you can schedule a tour. We look forward to showing you the peace, nature and warmth of the different locations!


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