Let’s dance together!

We are going to dance through February, as the theme of the month February is 'dancing'. Dancing encourages creative thinking and free movement that requires children to use their whole bodies. Children have a huge imagination which connects well with dancing. In addition, you can let go of all your emotions and feelings for a moment.

Dancing is something you do with your whole body, here we also pay attention to this month. We get to know our body parts, learn what the body looks like and how it works.

Dance like nobody’s watching!


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We are going to dance through February, because the whole month is dedicated to 'dancing'. Dancing stimulates creative thinking and free movement n which the children use their whole bodies...
Children of different ages have different nutritional needs. We make sure that each age group has food that is fun, tasty and healthy. We value the opinions of children and parents. We involve, inform and educate them to create agreements and commitment...