Bilingual daycare at Devi Kids

Devi Kids is a unique combination of Dutch daycare, English-language care, and after-school care (OSC). Within Devi Kids, we have 2 bilingual locations: Devi Ruitersbosch & Devi Creative. At our bilingual locations, we have native speakers to effectively convey the English language.

Learning from each other

Bilingual daycare enriches language skills. Children learn from each other in a playful manner. It starts with simple words and can expand to sentences and conversations. Young children can quickly learn new things, such as acquiring a new language. For Dutch-speaking children, it's wonderful to be introduced to the English language at a young age, as this can offer advantages later on. Similarly, for children who speak English, being in a mixed group is beneficial as it allows them to learn the Dutch language from other children. This way, children can learn from one another.

Native Speakers

At Devi Kids, we have English native speakers at our bilingual locations. A native speaker is someone with English as their first language. Native speakers contribute to the accurate transmission of language skills. At the bilingual location, Dutch and English are spoken alternately.

Native speakers are valuable not only for international children but also make communication easy for international parents.

Preparing for Primary School

Childcare plays a pivotal role in preparing children for primary school. Here, they learn to play together, acquire different skills, and adapt to daily routines, helping them know what to expect each day.

For everyone

Bilingual care is valuable for both Dutch and international children. If you're curious about what our locations look like, feel free to visit!



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