Benefits of a vegetable garden

Vegetable garden old-fashioned? Certainly not. It is a fun and educational way for children to explore.


Where do fruits and vegetables come from? For us it is obvious that it does not come from a bag from the supermarket. Not every child knows that fruits and vegetables come from a plant. A vegetable garden is a fun and educational way to teach children this. They see how a small seed grows into a plant with the fruit or vegetable on it. It is very interesting for children to see. When your child is busy watering the vegetable garden, let him/her look around. What can you see in nature. Do you hear the birds chirping, do you see butterflies flying?


A vegetable garden provides learning responsibility. The children have to maintain the vegetable garden, sowing, watering and harvesting. They learn that it is important to do this or the plants in the vegetable garden will not survive.

Learning to eat fruits and vegetables

Not every child eats fruits and vegetables so good. A vegetable garden can help children eat better. After all, who doesn't want to taste his or her own harvested fruits and vegetables. Sowing and harvesting vegetables themselves encourages children to eat vegetables more easily. In fact, it seems that children eat better when they know how vegetables grow.

Where fruits and vegetables come from

For us it is obvious where fruits and vegetables come from, but this is not the case for every child. Many children think that fruits and vegetables come from the supermarket. They have no idea how it grows and where it really comes from. Through the vegetable garden, children see from start to finish how fruits and vegetables grow.

Children's vegetable garden

We believe it is important for children to learn where food comes from. To teach this in a fun and playful way, each location has a vegetable garden. The children plant seeds and water it regularly. After a while they can harvest and together with the kitchen make a tasty meal. For example, a fresh salad from self-harvested cherry tomatoes. Because the children are involved in the process, we notice that they have no trouble eating fruits and vegetables.

Enough reasons to start your own vegetable garden!


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