"Welcome to our location Ginneken. The hidden gem with a unique, spacious outdoor area."

Elske, Manager Ginneken

Devi Ginneken

Our Ginneken location is a small-scale, natural and quiet location. The baby and toddler group are connected by a large sliding door, so the children can play with each other, but we can also offer the peace, attention and challenge that both groups need. The pre school group is in a separate room, which is fully equipped to prepare the children for primary school.

Every month we have a different theme, inspired by nature and the time of year. Through various activities such as yoga, dance, sports and trips, we discover what the world has to offer.

Laughing, learning, living and loving together. Every day we go outside as much as possible! The children discover the world with water and sand and clamber over the hill. Together with the children, we maintain the vegetable garden. From sowing, caring, harvesting and of course tasting. The children also learn how to take care of our rabbit Maan.

Every day, we enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer!

Feel free to visit our location Ginneken!

Are you curious about our location Devi Ginneken? Then plan tour and we will gladly show it to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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Devi Ginneken

Daycare centre 0 to 4 years
LRK: 239593546