Daycare as preparation for primary school

The transition to primary school is a milestone for both parents and children. It defines a significant step in your child's life. Not only will there be many changes for the child, but also for you as a parent. Daycare can also be a valuable preparation for primary school.

Preparation for primary school

At the daycare center, children are already introduced to skills they will encounter in primary school. Think of drawing, crafting, reading, counting, and learning letters. This provides a foundation they can take with them to primary school.

Social & emotional development

Children also undergo social and emotional growth in primary school. Daycare plays a crucial role in this process. It helps in developing skills such as teamwork, communication, and displaying empathy. It serves as a place where children can develop and grow in self-confidence, which is a valuable foundation for primary school.

Routines and structure

Structure and routines are an integral part of daycare. At Devi Kids, we have set times for meals, nap times, and activities. This provides children with peace and regularity. It makes the transition to primary school easier because it continues what they already know.

Information transfer

When your child transitions from Devi Kids to primary school, a warm handover takes place. During this, the teachers at the daycare center provide information to the primary school teachers. This ensures that the school is aware of your child's individual developmental needs. It leads to a good start in the new school.

Daycare plays a significant role in helping children smoothly transition to primary school. It promotes skills such as collaboration with other children and the development of routines and regularity, all of which contribute to easing this transition.

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