Social-emotional development

Social-emotional development involves the growth of one's emotional life, personality, learning to interact with others and acquiring social skills. Love is the foundation of this development. Looking within yourself and to others with love provides a beautiful basis for further growth in this area.


For babies, social-emotional development encompasses their reactions to the environment in which they live in. A nurturing environment gives babies the security they need to develop their personality while staying true to themselves. This includes interactions such as laughter, expressing joy through sounds and various facial expressions and learning to recognize their own emotions and those of others. 


During the toddler stage, their focus is on exploring the world around them, understanding their own emotions and empathizing with others. This is the age that many social skills are learned, such as sharing, taking turns, helping others and offering comfort. 

Through role-playing, these skills are practiced, making it essential for adults to set a positive example of how to interact with others and show respect.


At the preschool age, these skills are further developed. Children also begin to internalise norms and values. They learn to navigate social conflicts and start forming friendships, a crucial phase for building self-confidence and resilience. It remains crucial to demonstrate how to interact positively with others during this age. 

Foundation for the future 

At Devi Kids, we place great importance on the social-emotional development of our children, from babies to preschoolers. We create a loving environment in which they can explore their emotions and learn to interact with others. Together, we lay a strong foundation for their future. 


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