Food for all ages!

Children of different ages have different nutritional needs. We ensure that each age group has food that is fun, tasty and healthy. We value the opinions of children and parents. We involve, inform and educate to create agreement and commitment.


There are no rules or feeding schedules on how often babies need to be fed. Feeding happens as often as the child indicates that he/she wants to drink, whether breastfed or bottle-fed. Between 4 and 6 months, a baby may slowly get used to solid food. At Devi, we follow the child's natural rhythm throughout the first year of life. Together with the parent(s), we look at the feeding schedule every day and you can come to us for advice.


A toddler can almost eat every meal that we provide and the last of the milk feedings are reduced. A child's natural rhythm is still extremely important here. We grow with the child and include them more and more in the feeding rhythm provided within Devi.


It is especially important that a preschooler eats healthy and enough. The feeding schedule corresponds to our own eating patterns in terms of times and meals and a preschooler usually eats along with that. Our feeding schedule is carefully put together so that the children get what they need.

School-aged child

A school-aged child is growing. It is important to make sure that this child gets all the healthy nutrients that they need. But how do you do this as children of this age develop increasingly defined preferences? Within Devi, we take children through the importance of nutrition. We learn, bake, cook and eat together to make children aware that nutrition is fun and healthy!


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