Theme Fresh Start

We want to wish everyone a happy new year! After the holidays we begin the new year with a fresh start. Together we will explore all the beautiful things that winter has to brings us.

New beginnings

We start this year off with a fresh start. Besides starting the year all over again, the start of the year is often also nice and wintry, cosy and cold. In fact, we talk a lot about colder temperatures and snow in this theme. But we also talk about the start of the new year and what our wishes are for each other.

Winter activities

Winter has a lot to offer us! All kinds of things are going on outside. Think of swirling snowflakes, rolling snowballs and sliding ice skates. It does not always snow in the Winter, but even without snow there are many fun things to do. If it does not snow, we can always make our own snow! By doing this, we can still play with the snow. For example, we will walk on the barefoot sensory path. How does it feel under our feet? We learn Winter words using our word cards. Together we discover new words such as winter coat, sled and snow.

Outdoor play

Playing outside is very good for children, so we try to do this a lot in Winter as well. In the Winter there is a lot to see and discover. Besides exercise, playing outside is also good for improving resistance. Children eat and sleep better when they have been outside enough.


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