The National Read aloud days

Every year, National Read aloud Days are celebrated. During these days, reading to children aged 0 to 6 years old is at the forefront.

Importance of reading

Children aged 0 to 6 cannot yet read on their own or have just started. That's why reading aloud is so important. Reading in childcare is essential for several reasons.

Language development

Reading stories contributes to children's language development. Reading introduces them to a world of new words and sentence structures, which expands their vocabulary and understanding of language. This strong foundation lays the groundwork for effective communication and reading skills later in life.

Cognitive development

Reading aloud stimulates children's thinking abilities. It encourages them to make connections between different elements in a story, ask questions, and learn new things. This activity promotes critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Social-emotional development

While reading, children can empathise with the characters and situations in the story. This helps develop empathy and an understanding of different emotions. Additionally, children can also relate to the story.

Concentration and attention

Young children can only concentrate for short periods. As they grow older, this duration increases. During reading, children need to concentrate on the story. This helps develop their ability to focus and stay attentive for longer periods.

The reading breakfast

Breakfast is an important start to the day. Breakfast provides the energy children need throughout the day. That's why there is also a reading breakfast during the reading week. During the reading breakfast, we eat a delicious, healthy, and nutritious breakfast together. Afterward, we read a book. Each year, a different book is featured.

In conclusion, reading in childcare is not only enjoyable but also a valuable activity that promotes children's development.


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