Behind-the-scenes: A conversation with Salima

Salima recently started her apprenticeship with us. Driven by her passion for working with children, she decided to take this step. Currently, she is doing her apprenticeship in the baby group at Ruitersbosch. Read Salima's story here.  

Passion for children 

I started my studies in social care, but soon realized it didn't quite match with my interests. The program was quite broad, and I wanted to focus more on my passion for working with children. I have many nieces and nephews, and my aunt works in childcare, which inspired me. So, I decided to look into training to become a childcare worker. I opted for an apprenticeship (BBL-traject) because it allows for greater involvement in practical experience, enabling you to get to know the children well since you are there regularly. When I heard that the Ruitersbosch location was bilingual, offering both English and Dutch, it really appealed to me. This, coupled with my passion for working with children, led me to choose Devi Kids. 

Instant connection 

I got to experience all the groups for a morning to discover what suited me best. I stayed in the baby group because I was really drawn to it. It was very enjoyable, and I felt an instant connection with the babies. Additionally, I work every other week at the out of school care, which I also really enjoy. The variety is fun and gives me the opportunity to experience different age groups. One moment I'm with babies, the next with older children at the OSC.  

Healthy eating and yoga 

What really attracted me to Devi Kids is their focus on healthy eating and yoga. I believe it's super important for children to have organic food. And those yoga classes for the kids are also beautiful.   

Learning experiences and development 

Before starting here, I had never really worked with children. Of course, I spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews, and I volunteer at the mosque, but this was something entirely different. For example, changing diapers was completely new to me. Fortunately, I'm well guided here and learning quickly. I'm really getting into a rhythm and getting better at following the children's routines. 

Being yourself 

What I love about Devi Kids is that you can truly be yourself. You can grow and develop at your own pace. If there's anything, your colleagues are always there for you. I can also talk well with my location manager. I really feel at home here. My plan is to stay here after my apprenticeship because I'm really enjoying it! 

Working at Devi Kids 

Do you want to, like Salima, help ensure that children have fun every day? Then check outour vacanciesor send an open application. We'd love to meet you! 


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