Behind the scenes: A conversation with Esmeralda

Esmeralda started as an intern at Devi Kids. After her internship, she decided to stay, and she has been working here for 5 years now with great passion and dedication. Read Esmeralda's story here.

My internship

I began my journey at Devi Kids in 2017 as an intern. It was initially intended by the school to switch to another organization after a year of internship but because I felt so at home here that I decided to stay. I started with the toddlers before changing to babies and eventually back to the toddlers, I've worked with all age groups. I have truly grown here in my personal and professional development.

Plenty of variety

What I find enjoyable about working in a group is that the groups are constantly in motion. As the children grow, they move on to the next age group, which means there are constantly new challenges and experiences. Every age has its charm; it's beautiful to see how they develop in their own way, and I can contribute to this.

We also plan days together with other colleagues to assemble and set up new items we receive. This brings us closer to the group, my colleagues, and keeps variety in my work.

"Every child is unique and deserves loving guidance"

Playful learning: Yoga for children

I didn't have any experience with yoga myself. But now I find it very enjoyable, and the children love it too. We do the sun salutation and other yoga exercises daily. It's all done in an accessible and playful way. The children ove to participate!

Strong bond

The bond with other colleagues at Devi Kids is very strong and warm. At staff parties and drinks, it feels like coming home, where new colleagues are immediately welcomed into our warm family. At Devi Kids, everyone is welcome, and we embrace new people with open arms. 

The vision

At Devi Kids, we believe that every child is unique and deserves loving guidance. We listen to the needs of each child and provide a safe and stimulating environment where they can grow and flourish at their own pace.

Working at Devi Kids

Do you want, like Esmeralda, to ensure that the children enjoy every day with us? Then check out our vacancies or send an open application.We look forward to meeting you!


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