Behind-the-scenes: A conversation Willemijn

For years, I have been working in childcare. Over the past years, I have been deeply involved in personal growth and development. I realized it was time to find an organization that aligned with my view of the world. That's when I found Devi Kids, where I have been working for the past 7 years.  

My encounter with Devi Kids 

When I spoke to my former colleague about her work at Devi Kids, I decided to take a look for myself. Within five minutes, it already felt right. The vision and atmosphere resonated with me; it felt like a perfect fit. I had a chat with the owner and we discovered that we saw the world in the same way. I started at Devi Kids as a childcare worker and also led yoga sessions. Eventually, this led to me pursuing training as a holistic child coach.  


Yoga is much more than just the physical poses on a yoga mat; it's also about the food we eat and how we interact with each other. Yoga provides a moment of peace during the day, such as with our storytelling circle. Here, children learn in a playful way how to sit in a circle and develop their skills in storytelling and listening. 

What is Holism? 

Everything is interconnected and forms a whole. This interconnectedness is clearly visible in children. When the weather is stormy and unsettled, it is often reflected in the children. At Devi Kids, we respond to this by adapting the group to these circumstances. We tune into the well-being of the children by observing what they need and supporting them in expressing their emotions. We provide space for freely releasing energy and guide them back to a state of calmness through activities and our voice. 

As adults, we often wake up already busy in our minds with all the tasks we need to accomplish at work, while a child brings us back to the present moment. Why are we already twenty steps ahead when a child indicates that it wants to eat or get dressed now? Something else that arises from holism is that we do not punish children, but we set loving boundaries. Children are free to develop their identity and explore boundaries. 

In addition, I also provide training within Devi Kids on holistic approaches to observing children for all employees, once a year. This contributes to awareness of who you are, what you stand for, and how you convey this to the children. We learn how to set loving boundaries, how to respect others, and how to see things from their perspective. 

Everyone can be themselves 

We have a warm culture where everyone can be themselves, and where their qualities are recognized, both as an employee and as a child. Children are encouraged to get to know themselves in a safe and warm environment before entering the big world. As an employee, it is important to be open to personal development and growth and be willing to push your boundaries and discover more about the world. Because it is such a warm environment where everyone can grow in their own way, I think it is a great place for everyone. 

Working at Devi Kids 

Would you, like Willemijn, like to ensure that children have fun every day? Then take a look at our vacancies or send an open application. We would love to meet you! 


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