At Devi, we teach children to stay close to themselves by enjoying, falling and getting up again. Through Yoga, meditation & Ayurveda we help them become aware of who they are, what they feel and how to take good care of themselves. With this we give them a basis of self-knowledge, resilience and health. We will discover the wonderful world from the inside with both feet on the ground.


Children learn from their experience, become aware of their bodies and develop new skills. Important questions in this are: Who am I? What can I do? What do I want? Where are my limits and What do I feel? Within Devi Kids each child moves within his or her own possibilities. This creates space for the children to be who they are and develop in their own way.

Organic food

Nutrition is the basis of life! Healthy eating is essential for a child's health, growth and development. For this reason, we founded Devi Food. Read more about Devi Food here. 

Holistic view on children

At Devi Kids, we take a holistic view. Children connect with everything around them from their own experiences. The possibilities in this are endless and all-embracing. We use the elements of nature and take into account the seasons and themes. We look at the children's qualities and teach them to fall and get up again. We go on adventures with them for a happy and magical life!

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