Behind-the-scenes: A conversation with Gerleen

Gerleen, a mother of one daughter and soon to be two daughters. An experienced childcare worker with 15 years of experience, felt after working at the same company for over 10 years that it was time for a new challenge. That's how Gerleen ended up at Devi Kids, where she has been working for 4 years now. Read Gerleen's story here.

The vision of Devi Kids

I first heard about Devi Kids through positive stories from people working there. So, I decided to have a look. Additionally, the vision resonated a lot with me. It's unique because they truly invest in their staff. It's also small-scale so you know everyone. There are separate locations, but we are one team. They genuinely focus on the child, take the time for every child, there are many possibilities, and we can contribute ideas. That's not the case everywhere, especially not in large organisations.

Work experience

Before joining Devi Kids, I worked at an organisation that had three locations. It was also small-scale and worked very well.The company was then taken over by a large organisation and everything changed. I felt more and more like a number and was no longer satisfied. So, I decided to look further, and that's how I ended up at Devi Kids.

A day at Devi Kids

Every working day is different, but a working day at Devi Kids always starts with a warm welcome for everyone. We all know each other and that makes it so nice. Besides working in the group, I'm also a pedagogical coach. As a pedagogical coach, I visit all locations and encounter many different situations. It keeps my work very varied and educational.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience as a childcare worker with colleagues and contribute to a supportive environment where everyone can grow. I enjoy working in the baby group and having the first contact with the parents.

"I know from experience that you get such a warm welcome here, and that you are listened to."

The culture at Devi Kids

I would describe the culture at Devi Kids as connectedness, with values such as yoga, openness, and accessibility for everyone.

What you need to have to work here is the ability to empathise with others, know what you like and be open to learning and receiving feedback. In this way we can achieve so much together. I know from experience that you get such a warm welcome here and that you are listened to.

I work in the baby group, which suits me very well, but if I wanted to switch to another group, that would also be possible. They really think with you and consider your interests.

Work-life balance

As a mother, I also find it important that my work and private life are in balance. It's well arranged. You can ask anything, as long as you're willing to think with them, a lot is possible.

Promise to children

I find it important to build good relationships with children based on love and trust. I hope that the children feel at home and gradually discover the world independently!

Working at Devi Kids

Do you, like Gerleen, want to ensure that children enjoy being with us every day? Then check out our vacancies or send an open application. We would love to meet you!


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