Behind-the-scenes: A conversation with Marit

Marit has worked as a residential support worker for the past few years. She decided to make a change to become a childcare worker. Read Marit's story here.

The transition

I worked in residential care for four years, but I realised it was no longer the right fit for me. Childcare has many similarities with my previous work, such as providing care and guidance to others. I wanted to continue working with people, as that's where my passion lies. However, I wanted to do so in a place where I felt comfortable and where I could teach and nurture children.

BBL training

I was searching for childcare facilities where I could undertake my BBL training. That's how I came across Devi Kids. I was drawn to the fact that they cook fresh meals every day and prioritise a healthy lifestyle. The small-scale organisation and horizontal groups also really appealed to me. While I mainly work with babies, I plan to observe other groups to discover what suits me best. 


Currently, I'm undertaking a self-study program for about three to four months to reskill. I complete assignments at Devi Kids and discuss them with my supervisor. Working in childcare provides me with a stable routine, which I greatly appreciate after years of irregular shifts.

First day

When I joined Devi Kids as a new employee, I was warmly welcomed. Before officially starting, I even had the opportunity to shadow various groups for an afternoon. It immediately gave me a good feeling about the place.

Work culture

The work culture at Devi Kids is very pleasant. I appreciate the small-scale environment and always having someone to take breaks with. The friendly and personal contact with colleagues is very important to me.

A day at Devi Kids

I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day. Seeing different children every day makes the job enjoyable and varied. It's wonderful to witness the children's growth and know that I can have a positive impact on their lives.

Promise to children

My promise to the children of Devi Kids is that they will always leave with a smile on their faces and see Devi Kids as their second home.

Working at Devi Kids

Would you, just like Marit, like to join us in ensuring that the children have a great time every day? Take a look at our vacancies or send an open application. We would love to meet you!


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