Behind-the-scenes: A conversation with Elske

After 17 years with one organisation, I began to yearn for something smaller, something where I could truly feel connected to the work and the children.

An enjoyable Introduction

When I first came for an interview at Devi Kids, I didn't expect to have such a great time right away, but I did. The small-scale nature of Devi Kids immediately appealed to me, as did the opportunity to work as an assistant location manager. It felt like an opportunity I couldn't pass up, and I'm so glad I took that step.

Opportunities and growth

Not long after starting at Devi Kids, I was given the chance to become a location manager. It felt like so many wonderful opportunities were coming my way in such a short time. Of course, it was nerve-wracking, but I'm grateful for the opportunity.  

The vision

Devi Kids' vision revolves around awareness: awareness of nutrition, movement and oneself. Although I wasn't familiar with yoga myself, I found it interesting and refreshing to learn about. It felt far from airy-fairy, it was relaxing and empowering. I grew up in an environment where these ideas weren't commonplace, but I'm glad I was open to them.

Conscious and engaged

A Devi employee is conscious and engaged. You're welcomed with open arms, as if you've been there for years. The team spirit is strong and everyone contributes to an atmosphere of trust and warmth. It was difficult to leave my old colleagues behind, but I quickly formed new, valuable bonds with my new colleagues.

Just give it a try

My advice for people who are hesitant to work somewhere else is simple: just give it a try. Come and join us for a day to see if it's something for you. Sometimes the best opportunities lie outside our comfort zones, and I'm grateful I took that step.

Working at Devi Kids

Do you, like Elske, want to ensure that children enjoy being with us every day? Then check out our vacancies or send an open application. We would love to meet you!


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