Working at Devi Sonsbeeck

Located on the edge of Sonsbeeck Park in the Boeimeer district is our daycare Devi Sonsbeeck.

First location

Devi Sonsbeeck is our first location. There are employees who have been working at Devi Sonsbeeck since it started. Sonsbeeck consists of three groups: Lotus (baby group), Sun (toddler group) and Rainbow ( pre-school group). You enter the baby group, then through the sliding door to the toddler group. Through the toddler group you go through the door to the pre-school group. In this way, all groups are connected. This makes this location very small-scale.

Devi Coffee Café

At the beginning, Devi Sonsbeeck was not only a daycare but also a coffee café, called Devi Koffie Café. During the week it was a daycare and on weekends the coffee café opened up. After a while, this confused people. So during the week, people also came for the coffee café. Therefore, we decided to focus entirely on the daycare. This explains why the location has a large kitchen with windows that open to the outside.

Sonsbeeck park

We think it is important for children to be outside as much as possible. Unfortunately, this is not easy and natural for everyone. That's why in 2016, in cooperation with the foundation Het Gehandicapte Kind and the council of Breda, we opened a playground where all children can play together. The garden at our location is also wheelchair-friendly.

The park is also a nice place to go for a walk during your break, alone or together with colleagues. Enjoy the peace and nature

Working at Devi Kids

Devi Kids wants every day to be an experience for the child. Will you join us in making sure that the children experience every day with joy? We regularly have vacancies for our daycare centers and Outside School Club. Is your desired vacancy not there? Feel free to send us an open application!


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