Working at Devi Ginneken

Location Ginneken is our hidden gem, located in a good neighborhood. Through a corridor you arrive at this beautiful location. Here you immediately enter a large garden full of greenery and peace.


There are 3 groups at location Ginneken; a baby group, a toddler group and a pre-school group. The toddler and pre-school group is in the main building. The baby group is in the annex. The sliding doors of the toddler and pre-school group open regularly, so the children can play together. The garden serves as a place to bring all groups
together. This is where children of all ages can come together.


The team at Ginneken is very warm and connected with each other. This is because the location is very small-scale. The teachers make a party of every day, for the children but also for all colleagues at the location. Together they come up with the best activities for the children.  

Contact with parents

The teachers are not only very connected with each other, but also with the parents and children. They know all the children at the location, including those in groups other than their own. The same goes for the parents. The parents know the teachers of the location, even if their child is in another group. This ensures a good and warm contact with the parents. It goes beyond just chatting about the child.

Working at Devi Kids

Would you like to work at Devi Kids? We regularly have vacancies for our daycare and OSC. Is your desired vacancy not included? Feel free to send an open application!

Bij Devi Kids hechten we veel waarde aan professionaliteit, passie en liefde. Om onze mensen te inspireren en te laten groeien binnen hun mogelijkheden investeren we in wie ze zijn. Zo zijn onze mensen loyaal, geïnspireerd en gemotiveerd om elke dag met de kinderen de mogelijkheden van het leven te ontdekken. 


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