Working at the Outside School Club

At our Outside School Club (OSC), we create an environment where children aged 4 to 12 can enjoy nature, express their creativity and receive loving guidance. Our goal is to provide a challenging and calming place after a busy school day and during holidays.

Our Outside School Club has 2 locations: Devi Creative & Devi Outdoor.

Devi Creative

At Outside School Club Devi Kids Creative, we offer an inspiring environment where children can express their creativity, be themselves and enjoy various activities. The location is situated within the International School Breda. It revolves around creativity, exploration and relaxation. Both indoors and outdoors have stimulating spaces designed for different age groups. The Devi Creative program is internally developed and ensures that children have fun, can relax and are challenged within their own unique selves! As an Outside School Club teacher, you will take the children on adventures in our enchanting world full of magic!

Devi Outdoor

This is our first Outside School Club entirely focused on outdoor activities. An Outside School Club where being in nature is fundamental. After school, we take children to the forest or a nature reserve. Here, children can explore without inhibition and freely. If you prefer to spend your entire day outdoors in nature, then Devi Outdoor is a perfect location for you! You will work together with the children using whatever you encounter in nature. For example, you can build huts, make nettle soup, search for soil creatures, make fire, look for footprints and tracks or play hide-and-seek.

Working at Devi Kids

Devi Kids wants every day to be a great experience for the child. Will you join us in making sure that the children experience every day with joy? We regularly have vacancies for our daycare centers and Outside School Club. If there is no vacancy that you think is the right fit for you, feel free to send us an open application!


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