Behind the scenes: a conversation with Iris

Iris began her journey at Devi Kids when we had just one location, Devi Sonsbeeck. Now, we have 4 locations. Currently, Iris works at Devi Ginneken as a pedagogical employee and coordinator of healthy childcare. Read Iris's story here.

A large organisation

During my internship, I gained experience at various organisations, a different place every school year. When I had completed my education, I received a temporary contract, which was nice, but I still missed a bit of stability. A classmate of mine was pursuing further education and interning at Devi Kids. Devi Kids really appealed to me so I decided to try to get a job there.

The personal approach

The interview at Devi Kids really convinced me. It was small-scale and had a good atmosphere, totally different from what I was used to. Everything was so large-scale at my previous job. At Devi Kids, you get to know everyone well and it truly feels warm and familiar. The vision, the yoga aspect, following the child and the focus on nutrition aligned much better with me.

Passion for healthy nutrition

I contributed to the setting up of the warm meals at Devi Kids. I missed interacting with the children when I spent so much time in the kitchen, so I started to combine the two. Later on, I got the opportunity to complete the training to become a coordinator of healthy childcare. Now, I work at the Ginneken location as a pedagogical employee and as the coordinator of healthy childcare for Devi Kids.

Working from the heart

A true Devi employee works from the heart, pays attention to the child and collaborates effectively with parents and colleagues. It's about creating a fun day for the children and working based on feeling. If you're creative and eager to learn, this is a place for you.

"At Devi Kids, you'll not only just have a job, but a warm team where everyone feels welcome and appreciated."

A warm company 

Devi Kids is an open-minded company with a focus on their employees and children. It truly feels like coming home. We have regular team outings and enjoyable group meetings. We often start our meetings by eating together before they start.

Promise to children

That every child leaves Devi with a smile.

Working at Devi Kids

Do you, like Iris, want to ensure that children enjoy being with us every day? Then check out our vacancies or send an open application. We would love to meet you!



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