Sustainable employability

Sustainable employability, or "Duurzame inzetbaarheid" in Dutch, means that people can come to work with pleasure, while continuing to develop, stay healthy and find a good balance between work and private life.


New employees at Devi Kids gain insight into the organisation through our onboarding platform. They can access information about our mission, vision, core values, the origin of Devi Kids, and it's unique elements. This provides them with a glimpse into the company, helping them understand what is expected of them as employees.

Yoga for employees

Yoga is an important aspect at Devi Kids. We introduce children to yoga in an accessible way. Additionally, we offer a voluntary yoga class for staff once a year. Employees can join in and experience the benefits of yoga.

Personal Development Course

Currently, we are working on a course focusing on personal development. The course encourages self-reflection on dreams, goals and areas for growth. It helps employees discover what brings them joy and how they can become more empowered in their work. Further more, the course provides an opportunity to experience the strength and energy of colleagues.

Work-life balance

Regular discussions are held to assess employees' work-life balance. We evaluate how work integrates with their personal lives and together with the location managers, we determine the best approach to achieving this balance.

Employee Wishes

We actively consider employee wishes to promote a balanced, happy, and connected workforce. For instance, if someone has back pain, we explore solutions like providing supportive chairs.

Work Happiness

Work happiness often starts with doing what you love. At Devi Kids, we strive to increase work happiness by providing opportunities that align with employees' interests and talents. We offer training, workshops and growth possibilities within the organisation, allowing employees to shape their professional careers and flourish in their roles.


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