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Are you looking for a daycare in Breda? The daycares of Devi Kids are located in Breda. The development of each child is our main focus. We laugh, learn, live and give love to every child. From happiness and love, children grow up in a safe and challenging environment. Every day is a beautiful day! Would you like to know more about our daycare? Feel free to ask us your question and we will answer it with all our love.

The locations in Breda

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Devi Kids is a small scale daycare in Breda. We have 3 locations:



All the locations offer the children room for nature, rest and various activities. Together we discover the beautiful world that lies at our feet. That is what we find important at Devi Kids. At our daycare in Breda, children discover life in their own way. For example with dance, yoga, sports and fun excursions. We try to be outside as much as possible to play and learn.

Discover Devi Kids

At Devi Kids, we believe in the power of love and the value of growing up from individuality. Space, rest, creativity, learning and discovery are central. All locations are full of green and encourage development & creativity of every age. Moreover, all rooms have their own function. You can think of craft, play and discovery corners. You will also find a central garden where everyone meets and enjoys everything nature has to offer. At Devi Kids we have direct collaborations with the elementary schools in the neighborhood and the International School Breda.

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Are you curious about our daycare in Breda? Come and have a look and plan tour without any obligation. We would love to show you the rest, nature and warmth of the locations.

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