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A wonderful journey of discovery starts here!

Welcome to Devi Kids! A unique combination of daycare, preschool, English language daycare and after school care. 


Devi Kids!

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Imagine your child getting a wonderful head start for their future in a space full of love and learning. Picture them learning in a safe place that feels just like home. We have built a school where your child will flourish. Devi Kids is a place where children are at the very centre of the learning environment.

Our focus is on providing everything that is essential to their journey of blossoming into well-rounded little humans. Your child will be supported, encouraged, and nurtured from the very beginning of their exciting educational journey.

Come for a visit and discover our possibilities!

Our locations

All our locations are in Breda. Take a look below to see which daycare or BSO is near you.

Located in the beautiful van Sonsbeeckpark in the Boeimeer district on the edge of Breda city centre. 

Our bilingual location on the edge of the Princenhage and Heuvel districts. 

Our hidden gem in the Ginneken, bordering on the neighbourhoods of Blauwe Kei and Overakker.

Devi OSC has two locations; Active & Explore! Active is our sports club and Explore is all about creativity and expression.