What should you bring in a bag to the daycare?

It still seemed so far away, but the day has really arrived. Your child is going to daycare for the first time! The children will take a bag with them every day. What should you bring with you to a day at the nursery? We would like to tell you.

Breast/bottle feeding

If your child is breastfed, you should bring expressed milk. We will put this in the refrigerator until your child needs it. The bottle will be warmed in the bottle warmer. Is your child being bottle-fed? If so, please bring a bottle and powder tower. It is important to put your child's name on the bottle. That way we know which bottle is for which child.

Spare clothes

During a day at the nursery, there are all kinds of activities. Your child plays outside, does art and crafts and eats. It is therefore not surprising that clothes can get dirty or wet. It can also happen that your child has an accident. That's why it's good to always have a set of spare clothes in the bag as well. Clean clothes, underwear/ vest and maybe socks. Please label the clothing with the child's name.

Sleeping bag/pajamas

Most children sleep in the afternoon at daycare. If your child sleeps at home in a sleeping bag, it is nice to provide this as well. If your child no longer sleeps in a sleeping bag, you can provide pajamas.


Does your child always get a pacifier while sleeping? Then this may also be given in the bag. Please label the pacifier with your child's name.

Cuddly toy

Do not forget a cuddly toy. This should not be missing in your child's bag. Bring the favorite toy so he/she can sleep well. A soft toy often smells like home, this gives a familiar feeling.

What to put in the bag differs per daycare center. Always check with the nursery. We hope you now know what to bring for a day at Devi Kids. Still have questions? Feel free to contact contact us!


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