Theme Spring Fever

Spring has begun. That's why April is dedicated to the theme Spring Fever! The weather is getting warmer, we are going outside longer and new animals are being born.


It's springtime! That means the trees are blooming and there is more color in nature. We go outside even more often with the children during this season and experience what nature has to offer. We think it is important that children are outside as much as possible. When the weather is nice, we eat outside, allowing the children to discover more of nature and the environment. During spring, animals are born. Cows have calves, sheep have lambs and ducks have ducklings. We will also be planting seeds in our vegetable gardens again this spring!


Summertime has started! This means it will be dark a little longer in the morning and light longer in the evening. In summer time, the clock runs one hour ahead of our biological clock. This affects the sleeping pattern. This may affect your child. It will be light outside until late. You can help with this by making it dark in the house and dimming the lights a bit. This gives the body the signal that it is time to sleep. In the morning, it helps to open the curtains or turn on a light. This way the body gets the signal that it is time to wake up.

Living with the seasons

We think it is important to live with the seasons. This also includes the warm meals (link to blog) that the children eat. The cooks have created a wonderful spring menu with delicious seasonal products. In spring it is especially the green vegetables.


In the month of April it is Easter. We will look for Easter eggs, make beautiful Easter crafts and do fun experiments. On April 6, we will have an Easter breakfast where we will have a nice breakfast together with everyone. Besides Easter, this month is also King's Day! We won't let this holiday pass us by either. Everyone can come in his or her most beautiful / craziest / funniest orange outfit. This day we will do a lot of games.


In March Ramadan started. We have fun activities to introduce the children to the Ramadan at Devi Kids. We will read a book, play games and make beautiful crafts in this theme.

April will be a month full of fun activities and enjoyment!


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