"Together we discover and enjoy all the beauty that life has to offer!"

Linda, Manager Ruitersbosch

Devi Ruitersbosch

A wonderful place for children aged 0 to 4 years. Here we provide an environment where children are happy, stimulated, safe and healthy.

Our Ruitersbosch location is unique, with plenty of room for the children to develop and grow. It is surrounded by greenery and nature through our beautiful garden. Here we offer 'bilingual care', which means that there are Dutch and English speaking teachers at the groups.

Laughing, learning, living and loving together. At Devi Kids Ruitersbosch, we want the children to discover the world in their own way. Therefore, we go outside with the children as much as possible to play and learn. Together, we maintain the vegetable garden. From sowing, caring, harvesting and of course tasting. Every month we have a different theme, inspired by nature and the time of year. Through various activities such as yoga, dance, sports and excursions, we explore what the world has to offer.

Together we discover the possibilities the world has to offer. 

Feel free to visit our location Ruitersbosch!

Are you curious about our location Devi Ruitersbosch? Feel free to visit us and plan tour . We would love to take you on an adventure.

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Devi Ruitersbosch

Daycare centre 0 to 4 years