Devi Sonsbeeck

Our location Sonsbeeck is located on the edge of the Sonsbeeck park in the Boeimeer district. Here we offer day care for children aged 0 to 4 years.

This location consists of three groups: Lotus (baby group), Sun (toddler group) and Rainbow (toddler group). The baby and toddler group are connected with a sliding door. This allows you to choose at different times of the day to merge or separate the groups. In this way we keep the peace of the groups and activities can be offered that match the target group. The groups perform theme related activities related to yoga, movement, creativity and the natural world. Our themes come from every season. The children can also experience the seasons in our natural outdoor garden. The green environment offers a challenge for every child.

Our team consists of enthusiastic employees with a passion for their work. Together we ensure a pleasant pedagogical climate. There is full attention and love for the child. We ensure that every child can be themselves, discover themselves and go home with a big smile!

Devi Sonsbeeck

Bernhardsingel 51
4811 SL Breda

+31(0)76 532 44 98

Kinderdagopvang 0 – 4 year