Outdoor beds at the daycare

In today's daycare locations, you see more and more outdoor beds. Originally this concept comes from Scandinavia, but also in the Netherlands more people are starting to see the advantages of sleeping outside. At Devi Kids we also use outdoor beds at the daycare. We would like to explain to you how we offer this and what the advantages are.

Sleeping outside at Devi Kids

Getting enough sleep is important for your child's health and development. At our Breda daycare locations, we make sure that children sleep well and safely. One way we do this is by letting the children sleep in outdoor beds. These are special beds that we have placed outside at our locations. The outside beds are always in the shade. The beds are also always in front of the window so that the staff can see them at all times. The staff regularly go outside to check on the children. In winter, the children are dressed warmly. If it is too warm, the children sleep inside.

We always communicate with parents in advance whether or not a child sleeps outside. We also provide enough sleeping space inside.

Sleeping Quietly

Our locations are full of green, which stimulates the children. Outdoor beds reinforce this. Children sleeping outside at the daycare are surrounded by the sounds of nature. Birds whistling, the rustling of leaves ... It has a calming effect and often causes children to sleep more restfully, longer and deeper. As a result, we find that they rest better and have more energy later in the day. In addition, kids who sleep outside produce more vitamin D and enjoy better air quality, making them less vulnerable to colds.


Ben je benieuwd hoe onze locaties eruitzien of wil je de buitenbedjes bekijken? Je bent van harte welkom voor een rondleiding op één van onze locaties. Tijdens de rondleiding vertellen we je meer over onze visie en laten we de hele locatie zien. 


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